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Helping Hand Consulting brings you another useful, inexpensive, and helpful product.

This Energizing Unit is:
  • Not a distiller.
  • Not a filter.
  • Not reverse Osmosis.
  • Operated without power.
  • A unit with nothing to change or replace.
  • A unit that never runs down.
  • A unit you can easily install yourself without a plumber.
  • A unit you can take with you if you move.
This is a process that uses Nature's own energy to revitalize the water.
The change to the water is physical, not chemical. The polarity of the water and the pollutants is changed from a negative to a positive charge. Pollutants are also reversed. Therefore, because cellular structure of the body is positive, the pollutants are repelled, rendered harmless and eliminated.

The effect of this water energizing process on living organisms:

positive           --------------------            positive

The waters ability to absorb oxygen is greatly increased, causing beneficial aerobic bacteria to thrive. This beneficial bacteria uses more oxygen, thus leaving room for the water to absorb again more oxygen. Thus a huge cycle of activity is created.

This cycle does not happen with the usual oxygenation methods because the charge or spin of the water is not charged.

The surface tension of the water is lowered by 10% enabling easier absorption of nutrients by plants

Aerobic bacteria in the soil is also very beneficial to plant growth.

Pets and livestock, in general, prefer this water to regular water.

Children and adults are naturally drawn to drinking more water which has been energized through the home unit.

Compare the taste! and the desire to drink water.


  • The water dissolves the calcium from your hot water tank and tea kettle.
  • The hair and skin become softer.
  • The toilet stays cleaner, longer and can be more easily cleaned with only a brush.
  • The process is beneficial for fish tanks. The tanks stay cleaner with less bacteria and algae.
  • You need less soap to clean your clothes because the water itself becomes a cleanser.
  • Indoor plants are healthier.


  • Lawns need less fertilizing, if at all. The water facilitates nutrient absorption.
  • Hot tubs and swimming pools need less maintenance and less chlorine.
  • Fish ponds form a living Eco System. The fish will love it.


Our 90 day money back guarantee. That's right! If after 90 days you are not satisfied with the performance of the unit as stated, simply return the unit in good condition and your money will be refunded.

The ENERGIZER Unit. Wraps around your water pipe. Actual Size: 7 tubes each 12" x 1/2"

Price: $950.00 U.S.

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