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Fuel Energizer = Fuel Efficiency:
A large pack simply placed in the trunk of the car above the gas tank can increase the efficiency of your cars' gas use. You can save up to 25% in fuel costs. The gas burns more efficiently and as a result, goes further. Pollution is also reduced. Air care results will be improved in status because of the pollution reduction.
The results of fuel efficiency will be most evident in older model cars whose engine efficiency is low. Best results for better gas mileage has been in the gasoline which is mixed with Ethanol.

Food and Liquid:
Place it in the refrigerator to help keep foods fresh longer.

Wine and Coffee:
Place a large pack on the kitchen counter and place your plate of food or any kind of liquid next to it for a couple of minutes.

The electromagnetic energy from the packs can help soothe a painful back, arthritic fingers, joints, sprains, et cetera.

Put an energy pack under or on top of your feet in your favorite chair and feel yourself relaxing with soothing energy. For some people, the large pack can (in conjunction with other measures), help with trouble falling asleep.

As the packs soothe and relax, they make a wonderful tool to use with meditation, as well as deep breathing.

Remember. These packs never need charging, refilling, servicing and never run down. They can save you hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars over the years to come.

Small Energizer Pack (3"x4")
Medium Energizer Pack (4"x6")
Large Energizer Pack (8"x8")
Our 90 day money back guarantee. That's right! If after 90 days you are not satisfied with the performance of the unit as stated, simply return the unit in good condition and your money will be refunded.
Small (3" x 4") Packs of two. $99.00 (For two) (U.S.) Click here for ORDER form.
Medium (4" x 6") $85.00 Each (U.S.) Click here for ORDER form.
Large (8" x 8") $175.00 Each (U.S.) Click here for ORDER form.

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