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Energize yourself, your food, your water.

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Ganoderma (Reishi in Japan, Linghzi in China).
Ganoderma has the ability to positively affect every major body system.

Helping Hand Consulting searches the globe to bring you only those products that we know are superior in quality at affordable prices.

The Problem

Most ailments and chronic diseases are caused by the imbalance of body functions due to the accumulation of toxins in the body.

The Solution

Get a natural medical check-up..

Ganoderma has the ability of giving us a 'medical check-up' to discover if we have hidden diseases in the body. 

Remove toxins and improve your natural immune system.

Ganoderma removes the toxins and enables the body to treat a wide spectrum of diseases with the natural immune system.

Improve your healing ability.

Polysaccharide and Organic Germanium improves the natural healing ability of the body.

Establish a strong immune system Helps to establish a strong immune system.
Lower cholesterol and reduce fats.

Helps to suppress the formation of blood clots and improves the blood circulation, lowers cholesterol and reduces fats.

Improve cortex and adrenal gland functions.

Helps to improve the function of the cortex of the adrenal glands to maintain endocrine balance, regulate the metabolism and make one feel youthful and energetic while maintaining pH level of the blood.

Strengthen your digestive system.

The Triterpenoids strengthens the digestive system and prevents allergies caused by antigens. Reduces cholesterol and activates the nucleus of body cells.

Preserve body functions and rejuvenate body tissue.

Ganoderic Essence rejuvenates the body tissue, preserves the body functions and maintains youthfulness, overcome skin diseases and beautifies the skin. It is also effective for external use such as wounds, ulcer of the mouth and bleeding.

Their Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) factory which has been internationally certified, ensures that the Gano Excel products comply with international standards. Their products are tested to be free from steroids, heavy metals, alcohol and other harmful elements. A scientific and systematic method of process and production ensures that Gano Excel products are high in quality.

For US$41.00 (C$59.00) you receive some  product, a nylon carry-bag full of information and the right to buy at wholesale forever along with the opportunity to introduce your friends and family and start to build another income stream. Of course you'll need more product info, price lists, distributor apps, etc. Just use any of the following convenient links: (all links open in new window)

Membership Application: (Canada and USA) If you decide on a membership please use 2000542 as the sponsor ID and please contact me by phone or email for important Placement information.

Product Information: Find out why, for thousands of years Ganoderma Lucidum a kind of medicinal fungi has been highly regarded by the Chinese as the miraculous king of herbs.

  Natural, safe, effective, and guaranteed.  

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I am pleased to have had the opportunity to offer a  Helping Hand to so many. 

Rest assured, I will continue search the globe and bring you only the best quality in health products at affordable prices.
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CEO Rev. T. Windsor
    Founder Rev. T. G. Windsor  

  Ganoderma (Reishi in Japan, Linghzi in China).
Ganoderma has the ability to positively affect every major body system..  

Referred to as the Medicine of Kings, Reishi is widely used for different purposes. It is used for symptomatic relief of arthritis and of menopausal anxiety. It is also used in treating allergic asthma, hypertension, hypothyroidism, bronchitis, insomnia, general anxiety and stress, and cardiovascular problems. Reishi also is often the main ingredient in herbal formulas for immune dysfunction syndromes, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

 Certification and Accreditations:

  • Drug Control Authority
  • Ministry of Health Malaysia
  • Australia Quarantine & Inspection Service
  • USM Innovation & Consultancy Centre
  • Direct Selling Association of Malaysia
  • Singapore Productivity and Standards Board
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Biochem Laboratories
  • HALAL Certificate
  • Ministry of Health Singapore
  • Bureau of Food & Drugs

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Your new distributorship has the potential to be a very large business. Where in the world can you start a very large business for $59.00? I hope you decide to get involved. If you do, Gano will be there with you every step of the way. If you decide to save money, buy great products at great prices, and start what could become a large business, please remember to use 2000542 as the sponsor ID.

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Our exclusive 'money back guarantee'! If for any reason you are not satisfied with any product hosted by Helping Hand Consulting, simply return the unused portion and your money will be refunded immediately.

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